Thursday, March 29, 2007

Appearance - HANNAH KEELEY - Rachael Ray 3/29 - NBC

Hannah Keeley appears on Rachael Ray at 11AM for the second time today. HANNAH KEELEY'S TOTAL MOM MAKEOVER was just published by Little, Brown and Company.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Reading -- REVEREND BILLY -- Bluestockings, NYC 4/9/07

The Reverend will read at Bluestockings, a radical bookstore, fair trade cafe, and activist center in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The address is 172 Allen Street and the reading is on Monday April 9, at 7 PM. Parts of the book recount the 2005 bus trip with the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir, crusading from mall to mall, singing straight into the sinning shopping Christmas frenzy. The reading will conclude with the book's final chapter, "Letter From Disneyland Jail."

Published - WHAT WOULD JESUS BUY? Fabulous Prayers in the Face of the Shopocalypse by Reverend Billy (PublicAffairs)

The companion book to What Would Jesus Buy?, the forthcoming feature-length documentary produced by Morgan Spurlock, creator of Super Size Me!

"Rev and his choir now enrapture large audiences, sometimes including me, with sermons such as those in this collection, and ones to which, I dare say, Jesus Himself would have said, ‘Amen.'"
--Kurt Vonnegut

"Jesus would buy this book, wave his hand, turn it into a best-seller, and say ‘Thank you, Me!' for sending the world Reverend Billy!"
--Morgan Spurlock

"Elmer Gantry crossed with Lord Buckley. The Right Reverend Billy and his holy entourage sing out and street jam and heckle us out of our obscene over-consumption."
--Joan Baez

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Review -- BROTHER ONE CELL by Cullen Thomas (Viking) -- Books of the Times 3/28/07

On the Road to Self-Discovery, Korean Jail Was a Pothole

... "“Brother One Cell” is Mr. Thomas’s affecting account of his prison experience. It’s an offbeat coming-of-age story, the tale of a wide-eyed, innocent, middle-class American thrust into a world of deprivation and daily trials that speed his passage into adulthood and a deeper understanding of himself and the fallen creatures around him. Told simply, and with extraordinary good humor, it reads like a cross between “What I Did on My Summer Vacation” and “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich.”"

Friday, March 23, 2007

Rolling Stone's MARK BINELLI Rates Olbermann the Most Honest Man in News

The agency optioned motion picture rights to Mark's October 2005 story "Kid Cannabis" to HBO/Picturehouse several months ago. John Stockwell will adapt and direct. Mark's astonishing first novel SACCO AND VANZETTI MUST DIE! was published to wide acclaim last summer.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Rev. Billy Gives a Peace-a-lujah to Congress!

Reading - CULLEN THOMAS - Half King, NYC - 3/26/07

Cullen Thomas reads from BROTHER ONE CELL at the Half King in New York City on Monday, March 26th at 7PM. He's terrific and you should buy him a drink afterwards.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Review - RADICALS FOR CAPITALISM by Brian Doherty - Fortune 3/19/07

Dan Okrent finds it "delightful."

Review - RADICALS FOR CAPITALISM by Brian Doherty - Radar

Maer Roshan's magazine finds the missing link.

Review - BROTHER ONE CELL by Cullen Thomas - Outside 3/07

Jason Daley's review is titled "Innocents Abroad: Finding Yourself--the Hard Way.

Interview - BRIAN DOHERTY - Book-TV C-SPAN2

Brian discusses his book with Doug Bandow, former senior fellow at the Cato Institute and current vice president of policy at Citizen Outreach, a limited-government public policy organization ( Mr. Bandow's latest book is "Foreign Follies: America's New Global Empire."

Nomination - KEITH McNALLY - James Beard Award

Keith has been nominated for the 2007 James Beard Foundation Restaurant and Chef Awards category of OUTSTANDING RESTAURATEUR AWARD.

Press - ZAK PELACCIO - NY Times

Zak gets not one, but two mentions in Florence Fabricant's Off the Menu in today's Dining In section, for his consulting on Borough Food and Drink in New York and Suka in London.

Interview - CULLEN THOMAS - Diane Rehm 3/20 - NPR

Listen to Cullen Thomas's stellar interview on NPR: Diane Rehm Show

Appearance - HANNAH KEELEY - Rachael Ray 3/22 - NBC

Hannah Keeley appears on Rachael Ray at 11AM for the first time this Thursday, March 22nd.