Thursday, November 10, 2011

INSTRUMENT by Pat Graham Named Best Cover of Year by Amazon

Amazon's Best Books of the Year were announced yesterday, and the cover of Chronicle's edition of Pat Graham's INSTRUMENT with an introduction by Johnny Marr was named one of the best of the year.  

Pat has an exhibition of the book hanging at Rough Trade East in London until November 15th.  Rough Trade is, hands down, one of the best record/music stories in the UK, and, possibly, the world, in our opinion.

In the mid nineties while living in Washington DC music photographer Pat Graham photographed Ian Mackaye (Fugazi, Dischord Records) and his iconic white Gibson SG. At that point his photo project Instrument was born. Over the next 15 years Graham documented/photographed and interviewed 50 plus musicians about there favourite instrument and the stories that went along with them.

Some of the artists in the book include:

Johnny Marr - The Smiths, Modest Mouse, Cribs, Healers, etc
Bernard Sumner - Joy Division, New Order
Colin Newman - Wire
Alex Kapranos - Franz Ferdinand
Gary and Ryan Jarman - The Cribs
James Cauty - KLF, The Orb
Ian Curtis - Joy Division
Tom Cullinan - Th Faith Healers, Quickspace
Jerry Dammers - The Specials, Special AKA Arkestsra
Justin Vernon - Bon Iver
Hal Blaine - Beach Boys, Phil Spector, etc
Jeff Tweedy - Wilco
Kim Deal - The Pixies
Billy Childish
Kate Nash

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

PDT Named Best Bar in the World

Just in time for the publication of THE PDT COCKTAIL BOOK, the list was compiled by 100 of the top bar professionals in the industry, and votes were received from every continent. The list has bars from 16 countries and regions including France, Spain, Australia, the UK, Ireland, the Middle East, Singapore, and Japan. The Daily News offers it up here. Check out the rest of the list on Drinks International.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gaz Regan says THE PDT COCKTAIL BOOK is "The very best. Bar none"

In today's Ardent Spirits eLetter, Gaz Regan calls the book ...the best book of its kind to hit the shelves in the twenty-first century. The very best. Bar none. 

Paper Magazine has a great interview with Jim today, too--here's an excerpt:

It seems like you wrote your cocktail book with an eye on history.
I started collecting cocktail books right after I started working at Pegu Club. Audrey [Saunders] had a bunch of books at the bar and at that time I'd also met a vintage cookbook collector named Bonnie Slotnick. I realized the history of bartending was in these old books and it was almost like proof that what I chose to do with my life was a really good decision. I tried to infuse the book with what I thought was great about these old books, make it nostalgic without being derivative. Now I'll go into a bar and see a bartender with a 19th century mustache, vintage sailor tattoos, like he's straight out of a Civil War reenactment. My goal was not to be a Civil War reenactor, but show how we're doing things now with a sense of history.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

THE PDT COCKTAIL BOOK Has Landed, and the World Takes Note

The long-awaited PDT COCKTAIL BOOK by Jim Meehan with illustrations by Chris Gall drops today, and along with other sites, Eater has offered up a "First Look" at Jim Meehan's PDT Cocktail Book.  Check it out, and also check out the video.  The New York Times' T Magazine kicked off the advance press with "Booze Cruise" by Stephen Heyman.  FIND. EAT. DRINK. then carried a short Q&A with Jim about the book.  Professor Cocktail (aka David Montgomery) was the first to really review the book, saying:  "The PDT Cocktail Book joins Gary Regan's THE JOY OF MIXOLOGY and Dale DeGroff's THE CRAFT OF THE COCKTAIL as the indispensable monographs on modern cocktails and spirits.  It belongs on every cocktail lover's shelf."